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Liquid Packaging Company Develops New Green Fuel Injection Cleaner for Its Customers

Paramount, CA April 10, 2009 - Liquid Packaging Company has developed a new "Flex-Fuel" fuel injection cleaner that will clean up a vehicles emissions in just one tank of gas and thereby reduce the vehicle's carbon footprint.

In an effort to promote corporate citizenship and provide its customers with solutions to concerns of global climate change, Liquid Packaging Company has developed a new "green" line of eco-friendly fuel products for its customers in the automotive aftermarket.

Liquid Packaging Company is a third generation private label petrochemical blending and packaging company located just south of Los Angeles in Paramount, CA.

Liquid Packaging Company is a "total solutions provider" with a wide range of contract packaging services, including blending and formulating of 2-cycle and four cycle engine oils, transmission fluids, aftermarket fuel additive solutions and a variety of water-based cleaners for the consumer market. For further information, contact Dean Mouren-Laurens at (562) 633-3224.