Our Mission

Liquid Packaging Company's vision is to simplify the custom packaging experience for its customers by offering synergized blending, filling, and packaging solutions. LPC makes custom filling and packaging affordable. LPC is bringing next-generation formulations to market for our customers products - from JASO certified 2T oils - to anti-static silicone dressings - to OEM petrochemical solutions.

Company Profile

Liquid Packaging Company is the evolutionary outgrowth of South Bay Oil Company. Established in 1977, South Bay Oil Company started out as a small family business engaged in the distribution of bulk lubricants for various oil companies and private label packaging of oil products.

Over the years the oil industry has changed a lot. And with it so did South Bay Oil Company. In 2001, South Bay Oil changed its name to Liquid Packaging Company to more reflect our core business.

Today, Liquid Packaging Company is the culmination of three generations of growth. You may not know who we are, but you do know our work. From "as seen on TV" products, to major mass merchandising retailers, to land and sea OEM's, to the race tracks of Europe, Asia and North America, our work and the products we package can be found around the globe.

Liquid Packaging Company, blending engineering excellence with family pride.