Liquid Packaging Company maintains a full array of storage and blending tanks and pumps to accommodate most any blending requirement. From blending a small specialty items of only 55 gallons to 6,000 gallon production blends. LPC has over 60,000 gallons of liquid storage.

Each packaging project has its own unique set of requirements. With an emphasis on quality control, before any project can be produced a full set of quality procedures will be created before any job finds its way to the production floor. Detailed manufacturing instructions are created for all production items and pre-production meetings review new customer product requirements prior to the customer order getting to manufacturing floor.

To accommodate the variety of contract packaging requirements Liquid Packaging Company maintains six packaging lines to achieve maximum flexibility.

Typical Bottle Packaging Operations Include:

  • Blending Operation
  • Quality Control Operation
  • Bottle/Can Filling – 1 ounce to 1 Gallon
  • Closure with Foil Seal (Heat Induction Seal)
  • Labeling Operation for Flat Panel or Round Bottle
  • Lot Number ID Imprint
  • Inkjet Two Side / Box ID with Two Lines of Data
  • Quality Control Operation
  • Pallet Wrap

Typical blending and packaging operations encompass the filling of bottles, pails, drums, totes and bulk.